Stefan Kolb welcomes you to his 5-star hotel bar

At the Jagdhof in Neustift – the Stubai Valley’s only 5-star hotel – we go to great lengths to ensure that every facet of our hotel offers guests the very best. A few weeks ago we welcomed Stefan Kolb to the Jagdhof family. The energetic 35-year-old spirits expert has 15 years of bartending experience aboard ships and at international hotel bars behind him. We are delighted he has chosen to settle here.

5 star hotel Stubai Valley Tyrol Austria new bar manager Stefan Kolb SPA-HOTEL Jagdhof

Responsibilities and challenges at the 5-star hotel

Stefan Kolb: My main responsibility is to steadily build on the range of bar drinks available to our guests. Others include carefully managing and expanding the inventory at the 5-star hotel as well as taking care of organisation and teamwork. The bar team are always on the look-out for the latest trends. Drinks can be innovative or classic, but above all there needs to be a wide variety. It is our daily mission to keep a full overview at all times, never leave a guest sitting with an empty glass and exceed expectations with ingenious creations and excellent service. I look forward to sharing my knowledge, recommending cocktails and inviting guests to tastings. What motivates me the most is making the guests happy.

Trends and a sympathetic ear

at the 5-star hotel

Stefan Kolb: A good barman should be able to keep track of everything that’s going on in his bar, be easy-going but keep a low profile, be responsive to guests by making suitable recommendations – and must enjoy his work. Trends change very quickly, and long-running favourites are always right at the top of the menu. Gin and rum are still as popular as ever, and special spirits mixed with fizzy soft drinks are the latest trend. For example, Lillet Wild Berry, Dark’n Stormy or drinks with new mixers are all available here at the 5-star hotel bar. The bar is the hub of the hotel and guests love paying us a visit. I lend an open ear to all customers at the bar, as often the most interesting conversations are had during the later hours. But it is true that sometimes all a guest needs is someone who’ll listen to them.

5 star hotel Stubai Valley Tyrol Austria new bar manager Stefan Kolb cocktails drinks SPA-HOTEL Jagdhof
5 star hotel Stubai Valley Tyrol Austria new bar manager Stefan Kolb cocktails drinks SPA-HOTEL Jagdhof

Improper proposals at the 5-star hotel?

Stefan Kolb: With experience, you learn how to maintain a certain distance between guest and barman. It’s essential that both feel comfortable with the conversation. Good barmen can manage these scenarios well. What I love about my job is that you can use a few basic recipes to create a variety of different tastes through delicate nuances. I believe drinks should be fresh and stimulating – that means every mouthful makes you look forward to the next. Sweet and creamy drinks aren’t my favourites, and I’m always working on new creations. With such a wide range of drinks out there, it’s almost impossible to create something entirely new, but you can always add your own touch or improve a drink.

Stefan Kolb’s bar primer

at the 5-star hotel

Top cocktail: Pisco Sour in San Pedro de Atacama
Favourite ingredients: high-quality spirits, especially rum!
Summer drinks: fresh, sour and sparkling
Winter drinks: punchy and spicy
Most common mistake by non-professionals: cheap basic ingredients make bad drinks!
Insider tip: avoid mixing super-sweet and really strong drinks. You should want to indulge in another or even a couple more afterwards!

5 star hotel Stubai Valley Tyrol Austria new bar manager Stefan Kolb cocktail SPA-HOTEL Jagdhof
5 star hotel Stubai Valley Tyrol Austria mojito ingredients SPA-HOTEL Jagdhof (c) Designed by freepic.diller / Freepik

My favourite recipe:


  • Lots of mint (Mojito mint only as it contains less menthol)
  • 25ml fresh lime juice
  • 3 heaped tsp cane sugar
  • 60ml white Cuban rum
  • 125ml soda
  • Top with Angostura – crush the mint with a pestle