November 2022

Innsbruck’s Christmas Markets

A Touch of Tyrolean Magic

Christmas markets used to sell just spruce and fir trees for people to bring some aromatic decorative cheer into their wintry homes. Nowadays, with their variety, tradition and spectacle, Innsbruck’s Christmas markets are amongst the most famous in the world, and what makes them even greater is … there are seven of them!

Experience Innsbruck’s Christmas markets

This year, there will be a range of Christmas markets in Innsbruck between 15 November to 6 January (see each market’s description for more detail), bringing festive cheer, beauty and light alongside local crafts, gifts, food and drink to the sparkling streets. As well as the traditional fare of Christmas biscuits, delicacies and souvenirs, hot punch and mulled wine, each Innsbruck Christmas market brings something individual to the table, providing an absolute feast for all the senses.

5 Stern Relais Chateux SPA-Hotel Jagdhof Neustift_Christkindl Goldenes Dachl (c) Innsbruck Tourismus Christkindlmärkte

Magic: Old town Christmas market

In the heart of Innsbruck’s historic old town, one of the most attractive Christmas markets in the world takes place. Nestled between exquisitely preserved medieval buildings and the famous Golden Roof, the market stalls host Christmas tree decorations, souvenirs, handicrafts and woollen items. Many of the surrounding buildings are decorated with enchanting fairy-tale figures and light shows. As well as providing you with a viewing platform to see the magic of the whole city, the Golden Roof also hosts a brass band playing funky tunes!

Opening times

15.11 – 23.12.2022
11am – 9pm

Sparkle: Maria-Theresien-Strasse

A dazzling sea of light awaits you as thousands of tiny Christmas lights bedeck the trees that line Innsbruck’s main shopping street. The stalls host a wealth of international gift ideas for the more unusual presents, but don’t worry, you’ll still find the traditional fare and mulled wine here!. A convenient break from standard shopping, this market is a must.

Opening times

25.11.2022 – 06.01.2023
11am – 9pm
24.12: 11am – 3pm
31.12: 11am – 7pm

5 Stern Relais Chateux SPA-Hotel Jagdhof Neustift_Christkindl Maria-Theresien-Strasse (c) MK Illumination Christkindlmärkte
5 Stern Relais Chateux SPA-Hotel Jagdhof Neustift_Christkindl Marktplatz (c) Innsbruck Tourismus Christkindlmärkte
Advent Marktplatz

The Christmas market at Marktplatz is the ideal place to bring children. With its puppet shows, carousel and story times, there is much to entertain the kids, while over 60 stalls will provide delicious and delightful Christmas treats for you all. Then there’s the dazzling 14-metre crystal Christmas tree to admire!

Opening times

15.11 – 23.12.2022
11am – 9pm

Enchantment: Wiltener Platzl

This small but fascinating Christmas market provides a special cultural atmosphere including children’s puppet shows and short concerts. Stalls offer delicacies such as organic Sardinian wine alongside handcrafted gifts. Its charming setting and festive atmosphere make it a must-visit.

Opening times

28.11 – 23.12.2022
4pm – 8pm

5 Stern Relais Chateux SPA-Hotel Jagdhof Neustift_Christkindl Wilten (c) Innsbruck Tourismus Christkindlmärkte
5 Stern Relais Chateux SPA-Hotel Jagdhof Neustift_Christkindl Sankt Nikolaus (c) Innsbruck Tourismus Christkindlmärkte
Tradition: St. Nickolaus

One of the best Christmas markets in the city, St. Nickolaus offers the peace and reflectiveness of the traditional Advent. Cross the river Inn to get there and walk around the small number of stalls at Hans-Brenner-Platz, soaking up the real spirit and beauty of Christmas and indulging in some calmness and reflection – along with the Christmas music, Christmas biscuits and hot punch!

Opening times

25.11 – 23.12.2022
4pm – 9pm

Tranquillity: Panorama Christmas Market, Hungerburg

A pure Christmassy atmosphere awaits: views of the city’s twinkling Christmas lights and the snow-dusted mountains, snacks, hot punch and lovingly crafted Christmas decorations, this market has it all. Simply travel by the Nordkettenbahnen funicular from the city centre’s Congress lift station, and you’re in for a day full of festive fun!

Opening times

25.11.2022 – 06.01.2023
Mon–Fri: 1pm – 7pm
Sat & Sun: 12pm – 7pm
24.12: 12pm – 3pm

5 Stern Relais Chateux SPA-Hotel Jagdhof Neustift_Christkindl Hungerburg (c) Innsbruck Tourismus Christkindlmärkte
5 Stern Relais Chateux SPA-Hotel Jagdhof Neustift_Christkindl Kaiserweihnacht_am_Bergisel (c) Innsbruck Tourismus Christkindlmärkte
Tyrolean: The Kaiserweinacht am Bergisel

The Kaiserweihnacht Christmas market on Bergisel hill focuses on regional products and Tyrolean craftsmanship. For genuine gifts and an atmosphere redolent of Christmas past: genuine, reflective and peaceful, this is the Kaiserweihnacht. A chance to unwind and enjoy.

Opening times

18.11 – 18.12.2022
Fri: 2pm – 9pm
Sat: 11am – 9pm
Sun: 11am – 8pm