November 2022

Get Fit for Winter

And All the Snow Sports

Get fit for winter and be ready for Stubai’s many winter sports with our jFIT instructor Niklas Sanin’s top warm-up and recovery tips. Whether you would like to indulge in cross-country skiing, snowshoe hiking or classic skiing in the Stubai Valley, each activity puts strain on different muscle groups. This is why it makes sense to limber up before engaging in any sporting activity to prevent the possible risk of injury. Post-exercise stretching exercises after a day of winter sports are great for preventing muscle aches and pains.

Find out more about our jFIT expert Niklas Sanin’s exercise recommendations and get all the tips to get fit for winter!

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4 Questions for our jFIT Personal Trainer Niklas Sanin
Mobilisation exercises for upper body and legs ensure your muscles are supple. Arm swings, hip rotations, lumbar rotations and leg swings are tried and tested winners. Always warm up the muscle groups that are going to be used the most during your subsequent activity.
Firstly, squats, which strengthen the glutes, thighs, back extensors and calves. If you do squats while standing on your tiptoes, you can also train your intramuscular coordination. Secondly, lunges are particularly suitable because they strengthen the buttocks and thighs. Here, though, it is important never to push the knee over the tip of the toes. Classic press-ups are also perfect for strengthening the shoulders, arms, chest and core muscles.
Stretching after sport always helps post-exercise recovery. Our jFITness plan includes stretching as a separate exercise session.
After an active day’s winter sports, your muscles need to rest. Relaxing in the sauna is highly recommended, as is our Physio-Toning Body treatment.


Niklas also offers personal training sessions to perfectly prepare you for winter adventures! Why not enquire? Additional charge applies.
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