June 2022

Natural Beauty

Sustainable Skincare with Organic Cosmetics

Life at the Jagdhof is pretty much governed by nature and the natural beauty that surrounds us. Given our position in the Alpine paradise we call home, that’s probably no great surprise. Accordingly, we like everything we do to reflect our feelings about the environment and this one planet we share. We’re also keen on quality, luxury and getting great results! And that’s what led us to Clinical Swiss Organics, highly effective skincare that uses natural ingredients, uniting the latest scientific findings with certified sustainability.

Switzerland isn’t just about chocolate and watches. It also prides itself on supreme manufacturing standards and is ahead of the game when it comes to medical-cosmetic, organic skincare: Clinical Swiss Organics by Méthode Physiodermie from Laboratoire Syntil in Geneva exemplifies guaranteed natural, organic cosmetics, offering the highest level of transparency. Perfect!

Naturkosmetik SPA-Hotel Jagdhof Natur
Naturkosmetik SPA-Hotel Jagdhof Natur

As Individual as You

We’re all different, and each of us will have our own, unique skin requirements. We really like that Clinical Swiss Organics customises its skincare products for the needs of each individual skin type – this allows us to mix and match serums and their Bioaromes just for you, so they work wonders on your skin.

Bio Skin Treatments

Don’t take our word for it! Try one (or all!) of our Clinical Swiss Organics Treatments:

  • COSMOS organic standards – certified by Ecocert Greenlife
  • Clinically tested, free from animal testing
  • Fully vegan
  • No fragrances, silicones, parabens or mineral oils
  • Sustainably produced and packaged
Bio Skin Renew

Bio Skin Renew –
For Radiant Skin

A lactic acid peel and deep cleansing prepare your skin for the mask’s personalised active ingredients, including agents that support cell regeneration. The lymphatic system is stimulated and skin cells are supplied with oxygen and nutrients, followed by a concluding emulsion application to provide moisture and strengthen your skin’s natural protective barrier.

50 mins €95.

Bio Skin Balance –
For a Balanced Complexion

First, a lactic acid peel purifies your skin and smoothes its appearance, before a bioenergetic lymphatic massage supports its self-regulation and drains out excess tissue fluid. The personalised serum and powerful mask intensify the result. Natural high-tech for a smooth, relaxed and radiant complexion.

65 mins €125.

Bio Skin Balance
Bio Skin Renew

Bio Skin Energising –
For a Skin Boost

Skin and soul in harmony. The targeted supply of moisture eliminates dryness and energises your skin with astonishing effectiveness. A lipid-restoring mask with personalised serums follows exfoliation and cleansing to enhance resistance, restoring vibrancy, natural beauty and smoothness to stressed skin.

65 mins €125.

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