November 2022

Sauna Infusions in the Vitality World

NOW with Alpine Herbal Boost

Straight from the snow into the jSPA Vitality World – enjoy post-piste recovery with the healing power of herbal sauna infusions. Our sauna attendant Niklas Sanin swears by the healing effect of a sauna session boosted by the herbs that were gathered around the Jagdhof in summer – finally, they are being put to use for the benefit of your health! Sage, peppermint and the like have been home remedies since time immemorial. They provide welcome relief without chemical substances – could anything be more organic or sustainable?

To find out more about the benefits of enjoying a sauna with herbal infusions, read what our sauna attendant Niklas has to say.

Niklas Sanin’s Hot Sauna Tips
There are many benefits to hitting the sauna regularly: sauna bathing boosts the immune system, increases circulation, improves the skin, relaxes the muscles and enhances our general sense of wellbeing.
As well as strengthening the immune system, sauna use can help the body to function more efficiently and thus react more quickly to pathogens.
Stretching after sport always helps post-exercise recovery. Our jFITness plan includes stretching as a separate exercise session.
Infusions of peppermint and menthol crystals are ideal for respiratory function. Herbal infusions with camphor or sage have a calming effect on the mind and invigorate the body.
In this respect, I’d say listen to your body and don’t overdo it. We generally recommend 3 to 4 sauna visits a week with up to 2 sessions per visit.
We recommend taking a sauna for passive recovery following exercise, but not immediately after a workout! Generally speaking, heat builds muscle, and cold (e.g. an ice water bath) helps to reduce muscle damage after exercise.
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Sauna à la jSPA

Check out our saunas and steam rooms …

Tepidarium SPA-Hotel Jagdhof

Inspired by antiquity, the tepidarium is an immune system-boosting bathing experience.

max. 1 hour39°C

Laconium SPA-Hotel Jagdhof

Detoxify like the ancient Romans with radiant heat – gentle on you and your circulation.

max. 30 minutes75°C

Tiroler Schwitzstube SPA-Hotel Jagdhof
Finnish Sauna

Untreated Nordic timber Finnish sauna with natural aromatic infusions.

10 – 15 minutes, 1 – 3 repeats

Solegrotte SPA-Hotel Jagdhof
Salt Inhalation Grotto

A spray of sea salt brine enriched  with pure essential eucalyptus and mint extracts to cleanse and refresh the respiratory tract.

15 – 20 minutes40°C

Wellnesshotel Tirol SPA-Hotel Jagdhof
Herbal Steam Room

Warming steam with beguiling aromas and invigorating herbal extracts.

20 – 30 minutes55°C – 60°C

Wellnesshotel Tirol SPA-Hotel Jagdhof
Rock Salt Grotto

The high salinity is like a holiday by the sea, relieving skin issues including psoriasis and atopic eczema as well as respiratory complaints.

max. 1 hour40°C

Wilderersauna SPA-Hotel Jagdhof
Wilderer Sauna

Special mineral rock is automatically heated on an open flame, lowered into a copper kettle and sprayed with water.

10 – 15 minutes85°C

Sauna à la jSPA Offers

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