Beat springtime lethargy with the SPA-HOTEL Jagdhof

Your spring fitness questions answered by the experts!

Spring is at the door of our 5-star SPA hotel in Tyrol… we don’t think there’s anywhere more beautiful than Stubai right now: stunning glacier views and snow-capped peaks, topped off with the first buds of spring blossoming in the valley. With rising temperatures, the desire for an outside fitness and sport holiday increases. But are you feeling lethargic, tired and lacking in motivation? We know why… As the season changes from winter to spring – from cold to warm – our bodies have to slowly adjust to the temperature change. Our blood vessels widen, and blood pressure tends to drop, resulting in fatigue-like symptoms. Which is why we’re encouraging you to jump into spring full of energy and feeling great. From rejuvenating and relaxing in the 3,000sqm jSPA to increasing vigour, motivation and self-confidence with our activity and sports programme, you can beat springtime lethargy with a fitness holiday at SPA-HOTEL Jagdhof in Tyrol!

Your spring fitness questions answered by the experts

Get moving at the 5-star SPA-HOTEL Jagdhof

Not only does a healthy body provide the perfect home for a healthy mind, it also lays the foundation for an energetic life, boosts confidence and builds a healthy self-image, which is essential for emotional equilibrium and wellbeing. Our indoor and outdoor activity programme is varied, fun and will get you jumping for joy! Step into our gym and get fit under the guidance of our trained instructors with state-of-the-art TechnoGym equipment for optimum strength training. Or indulge in Fit & Fun in our spinning room for highly effective endurance training. Look forward to personal coaching with customised exercise programmes to increase endurance, coordination, muscle strength and fat reduction. Maybe you fancy aqua gym, Yoga or Legs, Bums and Tums?

Jagdhof fitness tip

Ever heard of Plate One? The vibration training on the Plate One builds muscle, improves coordination and flexibility, increases bone density, reduces cellulite, increases hormone secretion, improves fat burning, relieves tension and relieves pain. Slim down this spring on the Plate One with us at the SPA-HOTEL Jagdhof!

Spring fun around the Stubai Glacier – active outdoors!

The spring sunshine, fresh mountain air, Alpine pastures and glorious peaks all around our 5-star SPA hotel in Tyrol will, of course, tempt you outside. How about a guided hike with our hiking pro Armin? Or perhaps some friendly competition on our tennis courts? Or bike excursions, Nordic walking tours, leisurely walks and a morning run? As fast as you like! The fact is: getting active in the great outdoors makes for a vivacious start to the spring! Enjoy the first rays of sunshine and the fresh spring air out in the Stubai Valley while getting fit and feeling great!

Spring fun around the Stubai Glacier – active outdoors

Spring fatigue be gone!

Our fitness instructor Julia tells you how!

The most important thing you can do is be active. The SPA-HOTEL Jagdhof’s activity programme is ideal as it combines stamina, strength and relaxation, allowing our bodies to work and thus increasing blood pressure. A perfect recipe for combatting spring fatigue!
Vitamins and phytochemicals are the nuts and bolts of good nutrition – and that’s why it’s important to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Tip: At the SPA-HOTEL Jagdhof there are fresh smoothies served daily – these are full of wonderful vitamins!
The fresh mountain air of the Tyrolean Alps is wonderful for our skin, so at the Jagdhof we offer a variety of fitness programmes to get you outdoors too! Experience the magic of Stubai water up close on the WildeWasserWeg trail. You’ll recharge your batteries while the fresh air makes your skin glow.
Yes, a visit to a sauna is the perfect way to stimulate your metabolism. The higher temperatures increase the circulation in our cells. This improved blood flow helps to eliminate waste products. It’s also fantastic for your metabolism – it’s increased by 40% during a sauna session!
Exercise and activity help to stimulate the circulation and get our metabolism going. Not only is spring fatigue prevented, by engaging in sporting activities, happiness hormones are also produced. Jump into spring with happiness at SPA-HOTEL Jagdhof!

I have been working as an enthusiastic and – hopefully – inspiring fitness instructor at the SPA-HOTEL Jagdhof since 2014. It is an honour to be part of the team at one of the best wellness hotels in Austria! I love working with guests from all over the world to motivate them and encourage their training, for lasting results. My qualifications? I’m not only a certified fitness and tennis trainer, but also a Yoga and Pilates teacher. Diversity is just more fun – and it works!

Combine your spring sport and fitness holiday with an incredible SPA break! Thanks to our 3,000sqm jSPA we offer you regeneration with luxury, a view of the Stubai mountains and a unique privacy. Our SPA experts will pamper you with signature treatments, relaxing and invigorating face and body treatments and special spring offers. And the icing on the cake: our culinary delights offers a vital start in the morning, a sweet reward in the afternoon and pleasure for the palate with the 5-course menu in the evening.

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