A LA CARTE Restaurant Guide of top restaurants: No.1 in Tyrol

3 stars for the Hubertus Stube at the SPA-HOTEL Jagdhof

The latest A LA CARTE Restaurant Guide 2020 has just been published. Ranked number one in Tyrol among A LA CARTE’s fixed stars – that is, top restaurants that have been offering maximum quality culinary delights for many years – is the Hubertus Stube restaurant. The 5-star SPA-HOTEL Jagdhof’s restaurant in Neustift has been awarded 3 stars, 84 points and 3 bottles: another top result for our Hubertus Stube. Thank you!

This is why we’re a leader in the A LA CARTE Restaurant Guide 2020

This fabulous result demonstrates that our and chef Boris Meyer’s approach meets the growing yearning for superb, pared-down cuisine that showcases the essence of each dish with honest flavours. Our Stubai traditions are important to us, but we also like to spice things up with a pinch of internationality. Our wine selection was again awarded the highest rating of 3 bottles. We congratulate the team and thank them for their fine work. This award represents their achievements, which our discerning guests enjoy and appreciate on a daily basis!

A LA CARTE Restaurant Guide 2020 top restaurants: Hubertus Stube

Frontrunner in the A LA CARTE Restaurant Guide 2020

A lot has happened this year among the top rankers and rising stars. Benjamin Parth and his Yscla-Stüva scored 97 and came second in Tyrol after Simon Taxacher whose 5 stars, 98 points and 3 bottles again ranks him among Austria’s absolute elite. Only Heinz Reitbauer’s Steirereck in Vienna and Andreas Döllerer’s Döllerer’s Genießerrestaurant were awarded 99 points.

Austria’s A LA CARTE restaurant guide

800 restaurant recommendations are listed in the 29th edition of the A LA CARTE Restaurant Guide 2020. The restaurants were reviewed by 60 private individuals on behalf of the guide. In addition to culinary performance, the reviewers also scrutinised service, table settings, ambience and drinks. Although the maximum possible rating is 100 points, the current top rating is 99 points.

A LA CARTE Restaurant Guide 2020 rankings

Tyrol’s fixed stars

  • Hubertus Stube, Neustift, Boris Meyer
    Rating in 2020: 84 points, 3 stars
  • Der Gannerhof, Innervillgraten
    Rating in 2020: 82 points, 3 stars
  • Brugger’s Lanersbacher Hof, Tux
    Rating in 2020: 81 points, 3 stars
As we repeat our thanks to the A LA CARTE Restaurant Guide, we look forward to delighting your gourmet heart in our Hubertus Stube restaurant.