My Perfect Body
Detox & Cleanse
My Perfect Body
Detox & Cleanse

Detox with jCURE

Time for a Restart!

Define your objectives and get moving – mentally as well as physically! Nudge your focus further towards mindfulness and health – but with plenty of enjoyment. The jCURE detox encapsulates our holistic concept of mindful detoxification, experiences, exercise and enjoyment.

jCURE leads to …

  • Holistic balance of mind, body and soul
  • A fresh start
  • Regeneration
  • Healthy skin and lasting anti-ageing effects
  • Wellbeing from head to soul

Morphological Analysis

During your initial consultation we will ask you about your medical history and, following a derma-scan, our certified therapists will arrive at your morphological tendency, analysing skin alterations and anomalies as well as physical and psychological imbalances. This forms the basis of your bespoke treatment plan which includes personalised serums. You will also receive a nutrition compass tailored to suit your type.

Detox Rebalance SPA Hotel Jagdhof Morphologische Analyse
Detox Rebalance SPA Hotel Jagdhof Technologie MEIMA

MEIMA Microencapsulation Technology

MEIMA Technology is a microencapsulation technology that uses an exceptionally high concentration of plant essences, releasing active ingredients where the skin needs them most. Combining two or more Bioaromes allows us to create a tailor-made blend with perfect precision, and special massage techniques help us maximise the benefits.

Personalised Detox Treatments

All the treatments combine elements from Asian and European therapeutic massage to ensure that the blood and lymph circulatory systems and muscles are thoroughly and efficiently stimulated. Supporting the body’s detoxification and boosting metabolic function to harmonise body, mind and spirit. Signs of ageing are visibly reduced.

Detox Rebalance SPA Hotel Jagdhof Treatments
Detox Rebalance SPA Hotel Jagdhof jBALANCE

jBALANCE Detox Nutrition

jBALANCE caps our jCURE concept with light, fresh, Mediterranean cuisine. The focus lies on a diet that is delicious, wholesome, low-carb, and rich in protein, nutrients and vitamins. jBALANCE stabilises the acid-base balance, relieves the digestive system, supplies key muscle-building proteins, essential cell-renewal nutrients and vitamins, and actively promotes the elimination of waste products and toxins. Special herbal tonics also support recovery and renewal.

jFIT Exercise for a Flying Start

Fitness, Yoga and outdoor pursuits in Stubai’s invigorating natural setting complement jCURE, thereby intensifying the effects. As well as mobilising and relaxing the body, exercise stabilises our emotions. Being active also supports purification and detoxification while at the same time building strength and stamina. Blood flow and oxygen supply are improved, the immune system gets a boost, and we begin to regenerate.

Detox Rebalance SPA Hotel Jagdhof jFIT

Detox Treatments

The idea is based on theories of morphology that first emerged in antiquity as well as our three pillars which, in customised combinations, create physical and psychological balance and harmony.

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jOYFUL SPA Treatment Menu

jOYFUL SPA Treatment Menu