jFIT Around the Clock
Exercise Makes you Happy
jFIT Around the Clock
Exercise Makes you Happy

Fitness and Wellness on Holiday

The Jagdhof’s jFIT Programme

As well as being the perfect home for a healthy mind, only a healthy
body can provide the basis for an energetic life. Let our fitness
instructors and personal trainers motivate you as you make use of the
Jagdhof’s multifaceted jFIT exercise opportunities.

jFITness Assessment

… and Ideal Workout Conditions with State-of-the-Art Equipment!

Firstly, Niklas Sanin assesses your fitness. This consists of tests of muscle flexibility and muscle strength to analyse leg and core muscles, after which a personalised treatment and fitness plan is created for you. The strength test assesses maximum strength and hypertrophy and is conducted with our TechnoGym equipment. Once tested, we can classify you as at beginner, intermediate, advanced or competitive athlete level. Endurance tests can be done on the treadmill or bike (Cooper or ergometer).

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Our Weekly jFIT Programme Includes:

Exercising releases happiness hormones and brightens the mood, so exercising first thing in the morning is the perfect start to your day.

Tabata is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout that can really help improve your performance.

This form of fitness training offers variety, increases strength and endurance, improves coordination and trains the whole body.

Trains strength, flexibility and coordination with targeted exercises for the whole body.

Places high demands on your ability to balance. Isolated muscle training with single-joint exercises or multi-joint complex movements with whole muscle groups – you choose the level of resistance.

Coordination training reduces the risk of injury, improves performance and challenges your brain!

Very popular with women, this workout focuses on these muscle groups and gets you closer to your dream body.

Effective training does not have to entail lots of kit. We show you how to exercise without equipment or weights.

Niklas Sanin studies you from a variety of angles (ventral, lateral and dorsal) to identify possible misalignments of the spine or pelvis, before suggesting a set of exercises to improve your posture.

Aqua Fit is gentle on your joints and great for metabolic and cardiovascular health. Suitable as preventive therapy, for rehabilitation or endurance training, Aqua Fit also burns more calories than jogging!

Endurance exercise with a 100% fun factor and all-round functionality. Trains thighs, calves and glutes. Our spinning room is at your disposal from 7am to 8pm.

Relaxation and Mobility

Stay Supple!

Relaxation and mobility exercises are ideal for relieving tension, sore muscles and hyperextension, or simply to help you settle and calm.

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Our Weekly jFIT Exercise Programme Includes:

Stimulating muscles, tendons and joints, and activating the nervous system, these exercises promote flexibility and help prevent tension. They are also ideal for a warm-up before more strenuous activity.

Stability training is primarily about exercising and strengthening the small muscles that stabilise the body. The objective is to improve athletic performance and reduce the risk of injuries.

Learn to let go of physical and mental tension, and relax properly. Relaxation instructor Niklas Sanin helps you explore the best recovery strategy for you, teaching you how you can restore strength.

Increase mobility, flexibility and elasticity to support your training regime and find relaxation in your everyday life.

To build muscle and reduce fat, the body needs to recover. Take part in one of our guided sauna infusions and treat yourself to some well-deserved time out.

COVID regulations are constantly changing. To find out whether our guided sauna infusions are taking place – and when – contact jSPA reception or see the jSPA notices.

jFIT Yoga

Claudia Pfurtscheller Adds her Style and Energy to the jFIT Programme

Enhance balance and inner strength with Claudia Pfurtscheller: our qualified Yoga teacher focuses on Hatha and Vinyasa Flow as well as elements of BUDOKON Yoga and Mobility. The jFIT weekly programme’s Yoga classes are included in our room rates.

jFIT Fitness SPA Hotel Jagdhof jFIT Yoga

Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow

  • Yoga basics
  • Focus on correct alignment and postures
  • Together, we come into flow