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Start Afresh!
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Enjoy a Life in Balance

The ingredients of a life in balance include good physical health, a clear mind, happy spirit and plenty of joyful experiences. With all these elements in place, lasting and holistic wellbeing become attainable. At the Jagdhof, we have developed the extraordinary jCURE concept to help you achieve this. jCURE is based on three pillars which, in bespoke combination, create physical and emotional balance, leading to a mindful, healthy and pleasurable way of life.


Morphological Analysis
and Personalised Treatment


Type-Appropriate Nutrition
and Nutritional Compass


Indoor and Outdoor


  • For balance of mind, body and soul
  • For holistic skin health with an anti-ageing effect
  • For a strong immune system
  • For purification and detoxification
  • For sustainable weight loss
  • For a better quality of life
  • For a metabolic boost
  • For rest and regeneration
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Type Theory – Everyone is an Individual

Morphological Analysis

Although we share many similarities, we’re all very individual. This is reflected in our character, physique, emotions, and even our skin. Morphological analysis is based on ancient typological theories that divide people into four different basic tendencies according to body type, muscular system, skin texture, hair structure and character traits. These theories have been revived and adapted to reflect the latest scientific findings for holistic (skin) health.


Morphological Characteristics

  • Face: triangular with a broad forehead and thin, narrow lips with drooping lines.
  • Build: long and skinny with narrow, thin shoulders; a narrow, long torso with little or no waist and a slender pelvis; as well as long, skinny legs. The muscles are often underdeveloped and narrow, and the bone structure is also slim.
  • Skin: sallow and feels cold and dry.

A nervous morphology indicates a quick-witted and abstract thinker who is independent, intuitive, dynamic and stable. A person with this tendency can also be nervous, subjective, irrational, critical, impatient, irritable, anxious, brusque and cynical.

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jCURE SPA Hotel Jagdhof Gallentyp


Morphological Characteristics

  • Face: rectangular with fine, narrow lips and medium lines.
  • Build: a harmonious appearance with medium bone structure and well-defined muscles; broad, angular and straight shoulders; a slim, well-proportioned waist and chest and well-shaped pelvis (not as wide as the shoulders).
  • Skin: sallow to olive and feels warm and dry.

A bilious morphology suggests a dynamic, practical, objective, controlled, precise, methodical and ambitious person who can also be prosaic, coarse, persistent, decisive, impatient, uncompromising and authoritarian and have a tendency to emotional outbursts.


Morphological Characteristics

  • Face: oval, hexagonal with thick, red lips and a broad lip line.
  • Build: robust and firm with a broad, solid bone structure and firm, rounded muscles; broad, slightly sloping shoulders; broad, square upper body that is more pronounced than the lower body. The chest is round and well developed, the pelvis wide and sloping forward.
  • Skin: pink and feels warm and moist.

A sanguineous morphology reveals a dynamic optimist who tends to seek affirmation and approval. They are also down-to-earth, independent, lively, passionate, sociable, resourceful, decisive, impatient, impulsive and restless.

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jCURE SPA Hotel Jagdhof Lymphtyp


Morphological Characteristics

  • Face: round with soft, pale lips and a downturned mouth.
  • Build: plump and round with a large bone structure and weak muscles, often concealed under a layer of fat and retained water. The pelvic area, which is large, also tends to accumulate fluids. The shoulders are narrow and drooping, the upper body is large, short and lacks a waist, the chest is well developed and tends to sag.
  • Skin: white and opalescent, and feels cool and clammy.

A lymphatic morphology denotes a practical and down-to-earth nature with a strong sense of community. Lymphatic types are highly adaptable, stable, calm, patient and methodical. At the same time, however, they can also be passive, slow, indecisive and suspicious. They are traditionalists and mistrust change.

Méthode Physiodermie

Holistic Skin Health

  • Highly concentrated, purely plant-based active ingredients
  • Scientifically proven
  • Morphological analysis
  • MEIMA technology
  • Personalised treatment
jCURE SPA Hotel Jagdhof Methode Physiodermie

jCURE Facials

jCURE Body Treatments

Clinical Swiss Organics

Guaranteed Organic, Natural Skincare

  • COSMOS organic standards – certified by Ecocert Greenlife
  • Clinically tested, free from animal testing
  • Fully vegan
  • No fragrances, silicones, parabens or mineral oils
  • Sustainably produced and packaged
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Chrono repair HOMME

Laboratoire Sintyl

  • Researched and developed specifically for men
  • Powerful, natural, effective
  • Care – cleanse and control
  • Repair – eye bags and dark circles
  • Anti-Age – profound cell regeneration
jCURE SPA Hotel Jagdhof Chromo repair HOMME

Stimulate and maximise the body’s detoxification functions
Restore natural balance

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