The Power of Massage
The Effectiveness of Touch
The Power of Massage
The Effectiveness of Touch

jSPA Massages

Holistic Wellbeing

Harmonising and energy massages. Classic and eastern techniques. With the healing powers of nature. Restoring natural balance. Treatments with deep and holistic effect. Noticeable improvement of physical complaints. Wonderful wellbeing. The peak of relaxation.

Body Treatments

Deeply Effective Holistic Treatments

Based on Asian and European therapeutic techniques, Méthode Physiodermie massages and treatments maximise the active substance synergies of the applied serums, stimulate detoxification, encourage cell regeneration, initiate the supply of nutrients and oxygen, and restore balance to the body. Achieving natural balance requires the digestive system to be cleansed and revitalised. We accomplish this with the help of manual techniques and active substances.

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Classics with Profound Effects

Classic massages can soothe localised complaints and harmonise body and mind. Tension and muscle stiffness are eased, blood flow increases, and cell metabolism is stimulated. Special techniques encourage the body’s ability to self heal, while fragrances help boost the body’s defences. Lymphatic drainage assists detoxification by breaking down lymphatic fluid.

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Special Massages

With the Healing Powers of Nature

These are designed to make nature tangible. Experience the relaxing effect of massages that draw on the diversity we find in our region’s nature and resources. Treatments are calming, fortifying, and aim to release physical and energetic blockages. The aromas of essential oils positively affect body and mind, stimulating the metabolism and tightening the tissues.

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Alternative Treatments

Enhance Wellbeing

Massages and treatments by specialist therapists enhance wellbeing, release blockages, promote deep relaxation, increase mobility and improve health. Ask the spa team about the right therapy for you.