Off to hunt around your hunting hotel in Stubaital

Excellent hunting around the hunting hotel in Stubaital

The hunting grounds of the Jagdhof, the hunting hotel in Stubaital, span over 3,500 hectares across the Stubaital and Gschnitztal valleys. We guarantee that you’ll have the opportunity to take a shot during your hunting holiday, thanks to our expert local hunting guides, who are available to assist and advise you. If you have any questions about hunting at our exceptional 5-star hotel in Stubaital, your host, Armin Pfurtscheller, will gladly provide personal guidance and share everything you need to know about hunting in Tyrol.

Off to hunt around your hunting hotel in Stubaital
Off to hunt around your hunting hotel in Stubaital
Off to hunt around your hunting hotel in Stubaital
Off to hunt around your hunting hotel in Stubaital
Off to hunt around your hunting hotel in Stubaital

Information about hunting at the hunting hotel in Neustift

Stubaital, cradled in the majestic Tyrolean Alps, draws visitors with its stunning landscapes and deep-seated hunting tradition. Here, among the towering peaks and dense forests, the age-old bond between humans and nature still thrives, marked by respect, reverence, and passion. A stay in our traditional hunting hotel in Stubaital offers a unique opportunity to delve into this time-honoured method of sourcing food.

For centuries, the diverse ecosystems of the Tyrolean mountains have supported a rich variety of game, making them a prime hunting ground since ancient times. However, hunting rights underwent significant changes during the Middle Ages, when sovereigns and nobles began to claim exclusive hunting privileges.

In the 15th century, Duke Frederick of Tyrol enacted hunting laws that barred local farmers from hunting in the Alpine valleys, although it remains debatable whether these headstrong farmers complied – a fact that has given rise to the numerous tales of poaching and hunting that are still told today.

The hunting seasons around your hunting hotel in Neustift

Today, hunting around the hunting hotel in Stubaital is more than just a sport or pastime – it is an opportunity to experience and protect the beauty and diversity of the Alpine landscape around the Jagdhof, our sustainable hotel in Stubaital. The expansive forests and rugged slopes of the valley are home to a range of game species, such as roe deer, red deer, and chamois, providing hunters with variety and a challenge.

TYPE OF GAME           fromuntil
Male red deer cl. I    01/08 15/11
Male red deer cl. II           01/08 31/12
Female red deer, calves, and yearlings             01/0631/12
Chamois  01/08 15/12
Chamois in East Tyrol 01/0831/12
Male roe deer cl. I              01/0631/10 
Male roe deer cl. II   01/0631/10
Male roe deer cl. III 01/0631/12
Female roe deer and fawns                        01/0631/12
Ibexes      01/0815/12
Marmots  01/08 30/09
Black grouse (on request)     01/0531/05

A unique hunting experience

Would you like to combine the thrill of the hunt with a stay in a luxurious hotel like the Relais & Châteaux Spa Hotel Jagdhof? An excellent choice! This charming hotel, whose name pays homage to the hunting tradition surrounding the hunting hotel in Neustift in Stubaital, offers not only first-class accommodation and excellent service but also the opportunity to experience hunting in all its facets. 

Non-hunters will also find plenty to enjoy here. The region boasts hiking trails that wind through idyllic valleys, panoramic summit views, and opportunities to discover local flora and fauna, making it a paradise for nature lovers and those seeking relaxation. And ski enthusiasts will feel right at home on the picture-perfect slopes of the Stubai Glacier.

Hunting in Stubaital is more than a tradition – it is a living part of culture and daily life in this unique Alpine region. The hunters of Stubaital, with their commitment to nature conservation and deep connection to the land, not only preserve an age-old tradition but also protect and maintain a landscape that deserves to be cherished and safeguarded.

Everything you need

The Jagdhof is one of the best hunting hotels in Austria for a reason. Discover all the essential information for hunters in the Jagdhof hunting brochure. Click below to download.