Your ticket to culinary bliss

Experience exclusive gourmet delights at the Jagdhof with just a few clicks. Interested in booking a table online? Whether you’re planning a splendid celebration, anticipating a romantic gourmet dinner for two, or looking forward to an exceptional evening of indulgence with friends – you’ll find the perfect gourmet setting at the Jagdhof Spa and Gourmet Hotel.

Click here for the Jagdhof dining experience.

Everything you need

From the 4-toque restaurant Hubertusstube and the day spa breakfast to a gourmet dinner in our restaurant, the Jagdhof is where your culinary dreams come true! Just fill in the table reservation form and let us know your preferences. We look forward to welcoming you and providing the very best service!

Click here for the Jagdhof dining experience.
Click here for the Jagdhof dining experience.

A real treat …

… the Jagdhof Fondue Gondola is the perfect culinary surprise for your loved ones. Ideal for groups of up to five, this unique venue offers exceptional dining and fondue classics tailored to your tastes. Every detail, from the converted mountain cable car gondola to the exquisite food, enhances the uniqueness of your celebration. Whether it’s a milestone birthday or a celebration of the simple joys – celebrate life!

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