Cult Driving at its Finest
At the Jagdhof’s Porsche Meeting
Cult Driving at its Finest
At the Jagdhof’s Porsche Meeting

Porsche Meeting

Dashing Drives and Top Party Vibes

Exquisite paintwork glistening in the sunlight, brightly polished wheel rims and classy interiors all reflect individuality and an appreciation of aesthetics. Elegance and beauty line up together as if in a beauty contest. Everyone at the SPA-Hotel Jagdhof is eagerly awaiting the annual Porsche meet. Where friendships are made, and friends reunite. Where the pleasure of driving and a sense of freedom spark an exceptional feeling of joy. Where engines show off their power and drive. Where horsepower takes over the roads of Stubai. Where glaciers applaud, and nature bows to the elegance of technology.

Getting the maximum out of potentialities is not only Porsche’s principle, but also the 5-star SPA-Hotel Jagdhof’s: from sublime comfort and cuisine to award-winning wellness and fast-paced fun at the Porsche meet. Panoramic pass drives, hairpin highlights and unforgettable moments are just waiting to be shared with like-minded people.

Dear Porsche enthusiasts, we look forward to welcoming you to some amazing drives, insider chats, brilliant highlights and time with friends at this year’s Jagdhof Porsche Meeting.

12th Porsche Meeting

11.09 – 18.09.2022

Price per person excl. local tax

  • 3 nights from €783

  • 4 nights from €1,012

  • 7 nights from €1,547

Double rooms for single occupancy and suites available for a surcharge on request.

Freedom without Frontiers

Exceptional Tours

Feel Great

Fabulous Party Vibes

The Porsche meet

September at the Foot of the Elfer

A great week for our sporty four-wheelers that includes …

  • … four brilliant drives to turbocharge both us and our cars.
  • … a car blessing.
  • … a superb programme of maximum torque EXPERIENCES.
  • … a hike to the hotel’s own Isse mountain lodge.
  • … plenty of relaxation at our jSPA and in the garden to refuel everyone’s engines.
  • … great food and drink to lubricate our gearboxes and provide balm for the soul.


LET’S GET THE MOST OUT OF OUR POTENTIAL! Every September at the foot of the Elfer in the Stubai Valley.