Healthy and Tasty
With Lightness and Ease
Healthy and Tasty
With Lightness and Ease

Healthy Eating

Elevated Nutrition!

A healthy and enjoyable diet lays the foundation for health and wellbeing. Everything we put into our bodies affects the organism and its functions – and is ultimately reflected in the skin and our wellbeing. Therefore, we have developed a menu based on the latest findings of nutritional science. jBALANCE caps our jCURE concept with light, fresh, Mediterranean cuisine.  The focus lies on a diet that is delicious, wholesome, low-carb, and rich in protein, nutrients and vitamins.

jBALANCE stabilises the acid-base balance, relieves the digestive system, supplies key muscle-building proteins, essential cell-renewal nutrients and vitamins, and actively promotes the elimination of waste products and toxins.


jBALANCE is especially suitable for people with food intolerances.


If you have a food intolerance, please look for our specially labelled gluten-free and lactose-free dishes.

Love …
… is a gut feeling
… begets pleasure
… for wellbeing

jBALANCE is ideal for people who want to …

… get fit or stay fit

… lose weight with a healthy diet

… build muscle

… detox


Combine Physiodermie treatments based on your morphological type with our jBALANCE healthy eating concept and jFIT programme to create your own, individual jCURE!


… boosts

vitality, energy, and holistic wellbeing.

… promotes

fat burning and weight loss with specially prepared low-carb menus.

… balances the metabolism

and restores the acid-base balance.

… helps to remove toxins

using highly concentrated ingredients from medicinal plants.

… lowers cholesterol and blood sugar

and regulates blood pressure.

… is easily digestible

to support natural bodily functions and cell regeneration.

Your Wellbeing Booster

Combine jBALANCE with the jFIT programme for sustainable wellbeing and holistic fitness!

Delicious and energy-boosting, jBALANCE contributes sustainably to your holistic wellbeing!

Cocktail TIP


Herbal tonics and cocktails reinforce the benefits of a healthy jBALANCE diet by reducing water retention, stimulating fat burning, strengthening the immune system, and boosting energy. Ask our bartender for one of our delicious and healthy jBALANCE tonics.

jBALANCE Half Board

Elevated nutrition! Our new jBALANCE is a refreshingly light alternative to jCUISINE.

Dinner options:

Daily 7pm – 9pm


Authenticity on a Plate

Because Love Goes Through the Region

All our culinary options – especially jBALANCE healthy eating – are developed with passion and prepared with love combined with high-quality ingredients from trusted producers, suppliers and partners who are mostly based in our region. Join us to take a look behind the scenes.

The Jagdhof’s Culinary Tour

The Pillars of Culinary Enjoyment at the SPA-Hotel Jagdhof