JULY 2022

jFIT Spa & Sports Hotel

Your Summer Super Booster During your Tyrolean Holiday

An exciting day of sports and leisure opportunities in the Stubai Valley lies ahead. The sky is blue and the mountain peaks glisten in the morning sun. It’s early and, as you absorb the Alpine ambience, the air still feels fresh. Our healthy Jagdhof breakfast has provided us with plenty of energy for our race to the tennis court, Alpine pastures or mountain trails. Today will be varied, challenging and action-packed. Tomorrow? Perhaps we’ll opt for leisure, tranquillity and harmony with nature, instead … the possibilities are endless.

How about a guided hike with our hiking pro? Or tennis tuition on the hotel’s own courts? Maybe you’d prefer to go for a morning run, cycling, Nordic walking or for a leisurely stroll? Take your pick … and take the first step towards your jFIT summer! How you get there is up to you.

sports hotel SPA-Hotel Jagdhof Niklas Sanin
Marvellous Mountain Hikes

Stubai has 850km of hiking trails, offering limitless variety for beginners, leisure walkers and families alike, as well as experienced summiteers and accomplished alpinists. Whether on the Habicht at 3,000m above sea level or at dawn on the Serles … indeed, why not set off from our sports hotel in the dark and enjoy an early-morning sunrise hike? The perfect opportunity to breathe, savour your togetherness, and recharge your batteries.

Experience nature, enjoy the fruits of your efforts, and live the EXPERIENCE of hiking. Our foodie and adventure hikes bring you closer to the local surroundings, our wildlife, environment, traditions and mysteries. If you’re already familiar with the Stubai Valley, you’ll love rediscovering the area this year. The natural world changes constantly as water and ice work their magic on the rock, the flora and fauna shape their habitat … and you enjoy our expanded excursion programme.


Watch your personal fitness increase with every step as part of our weekly sports programme. We forge new paths with professionally guided, varied walks, adapted to suit your fitness level. You can also benefit from our Jagdhof hiking rental service! What more could you ask for?
Pedal Power

Complementing your pedal power with electricity makes an uphill ride easier to manage – this is the special appeal of e-biking. Enjoy strain-free access to the Stubai Valley’s most beautiful places. Why not download our jAPP, rent your e-bike and discover the best routes? In our region, you can cover more than 700km by bicycle, after all – almost the distance between Neustift and Rome!

If an e-bike isn’t your thing, traditional mountain biking is a fun and family-friendly alternative. With our 720km of cycle paths that offer 13,000m of elevation gain – as well as breathtaking views – there’s no better way to explore our landscape. Interactive maps and QR codes make it easier to find your way around. Simply take your pick from a wide range of easy, moderate or challenging routes surrounding our sports hotel. The Zauberwald Runde and Telfer Wiesen routes are especially accessible for the whole family.

‘There are a few easy routes that I like to recommend to beginners because they allow them to get used to mountain biking or using e-bikes. In this case, my favourite is the ride to the Klaus Äuele playground.’ – Alban Pfurtscheller

Summer Fitness Sports Hotel
Summer Fitness Sports Hotel
Tennis – an Athletic Advantage

The game of love can be really fun to play, but one of the most difficult sports to master. ‘Tennis satisfies a fundamental need for physical and mental challenges,’ explains Jagdhof tennis instructor, Niklas Sanin. ‘This ranges from learning basic strokes all the way to battling for points. The combination of strength, endurance, speed, flexibility and coordination is ideal. Fun also has an important role to play.’

Tennis is a great way to stay fit, too … ‘The high level of energy expenditure within a short period is remarkable: between 400 and 600 calories per hour! Here in the Stubai Valley, this is intensified by the benefits of training at altitude,’ Sanin adds.

A really good serve can reach speeds of more than 200 km/h, after all, meaning that good reaction times, speed, arm strength, stamina and a feel for the ball are all essential. At our sports hotel, we organise tennis classes and private lessons with professional tennis coaches on our three outdoor sand courts. Improve your game with us, and have a whale of a time doing it!


It’s not just hiking, (e-)biking and tennis that can help get you jFIT this summer, there’s plenty of other sports and pursuits to try, as well. From aqua gym and TABATA to Yoga – move, stabilise, stretch and relax. Or why not opt for a personal training session with the latest Technogym equipment? Lose weight and improve your coordination and muscle strength with an exercise programme tailor-made just for you!

You could take part in a series of relaxing and soothing Yoga lessons. Direct your thoughts inward, reduce your stress levels and become noticeably more flexible as you lose yourself in the dynamics and flow of the posture sequences. Or, if you’d rather know where your body’s powerhouse is located, you can strengthen your core with Pilates. Work on the muscles around the spine, pelvic floor and abdomen to improve your posture; prevent back pain, injury and incontinence; lower stress levels and reduce cellulite. Perfect for any activity that requires strength, balance and agility.


Add a jFIT personal training session including check-up and individual training plan to your holiday booking (for a fee).

Sporthotel Neustift SPA-Hotel Jagdhof indoor yoga
sports hotel SPA-Hotel Jagdhof outdoor yoga

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