Athletic Holidays
Happy Exercising
Athletic Holidays
Happy Exercising

jFIT and Personal Training for Health

Get Moving with Personal Trainer Niklas

Science proves that exercise can positively affect every aspect of our lives, providing us with more energy, a clearer head and better sleep. Our personal trainer can support you on your fitness journey! Alternatively, why not make use of the varied range of exercise sessions offered by certified instructors at the 5-star SPA-Hotel Jagdhof in the Stubai Valley? A well-balanced fitness day here includes strength and endurance training in the gym, as well as exercise in the fresh mountain air and relaxing Yoga classes!

The Jagdhof Gym

Our gym is equipped with the latest Technogym equipment for optimal strength training. Whether you choose to get fit with personal trainer Niklas or on your own, you have a wide selection of training equipment at your disposal to help target specific muscle groups.

Personal-Trainer-jFIT-SPA-Hotel-Jagdhof-Fit & Fun

Fit & Fun: Exercise for Body and Mind

Our Fit & Fun room offers plenty of space for a range of exercise session and workouts, either with a personal trainer or as part of the free weekly jFIT programme. This is also where you can enjoy spinning classes – highly effective endurance training!

Our Complimentary jFIT Programme Includes:

  • Morning exercises
  • Tabata training
  • Circuit training
  • Fit gymnastics
  • Resistance band fitness
  • Coordination and balance
  • Legs, bums and tums
  • Bodyweight workouts

  • Back pain prevention/back exercises
  • Aqua Fit
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Mobilisation exercises
  • Spinning
  • Nordic Walking
  • Cycling
  • E-bike rides
  • Hikes

Relaxation and Mobility

When you train hard, you have to rest and recover even harder. Suffering from tense or sore muscles or joint hyperextension? Head for the relaxation and mobility training sessions held in our Fit & Fun room!

Stay supple with:

  • Mobilisation exercises
  • Stability training
  • Relaxation classes

  • Stretch and relax
  • Guided sauna infusions


As well as mobilising and relaxing the body, exercise stabilises our emotions. Being active further supports detoxification while also building strength and stamina. Blood flow and oxygen supply are improved, the immune system gets a boost, and we begin to feel so much better.

As well as mobilising and relaxing the body, exercise stabilises our emotions. Being active further supports detoxification while also building strength and stamina. Blood flow and oxygen supply are improved, the immune system gets a boost, and we begin to feel so much better.

jFIT Weekly Outdoor Programme

Running & Running ABC

Learn basic techniques to improve your running style and minimise injury risk. Make your run easier, faster and injury-free.


Running instructor Niklas Sanin shows you how!

Nordic Walking

Compared to walking without poles, Nordic walking is 50% more efficient. In addition to thighs and calves, this form of exercise trains glutes plus arm, shoulder and back muscles. And the harder the workout, the greater the calorie consumption.


Soothe sore muscles by doing one of our weekly jFIT programme’s relaxation and mobility classes!


Adjacent to the sunbathing lawn, our joint-friendly quartz sand tennis courts are yours to use at no charge. To book a court, please contact reception. Let us know if you require the services of a tennis instructor and we will make the necessary arrangements with Julia Hoch (additional charge). Her expert tips will help you achieve the perfect serve!


Rackets and balls are available to borrow from reception free of charge.


720km and up to 13,000m elevation gain on cycle paths in the valley, e-bike tours, Alpine challenges, cycling climbs, singletracks, racing bike routes … whether you’re a leisure cyclist or an adrenaline junkie, like to ride with the family or on your own, Stubai is the biking region for you!


Your e-bike awaits at the Jagdhof! Please contact reception.

Guided Hikes

Discover Stubai’s natural diversity and recharge your batteries while climbing to the summit of joy on our guided family, culinary and adventure hikes … 850km of hiking trails await you in the Stubai region!


Visit the Jagdhof’s Alpine hut! If you would like to join one of our guided hikes, please sign up at reception by 9pm the evening before.

jFIT Weekly Yoga Programme

Find your Centre with Claudia Pfurtscheller

Enhance balance and inner strength with Claudia Pfurtscheller: our Yoga teacher focuses on Hatha and Vinyasa Flow as well as elements of BUDOKON Yoga and Mobility.

‘The aim of my Yoga classes is to offer a safe space where everyone can be themselves, without any pressure to perform. We often demand too much of ourselves. Expectations at work and from society can be overwhelming. My Yoga class offers a space in which nobody has to be perfect,’ she explains.


Some Yoga classes are held outdoors or in the SPA CHALET, where the calm atmosphere and splendid views add a further dimension of relaxation to your practice.


jFIT Personal Trainer Niklas Sanin

Your Motivator and Fitness Expert

Our health and fitness coach Niklas Sanin is a qualified relaxation, Aqua Fit, back pain prevention and running instructor.

Whether your aim is to increase endurance, boost coordination, build muscles or reduce fat, Niklas will create a tailor-made programme of effective exercises with expert tips to help you reach your personal goals.

Don’t wait for success to find you … go make it happen!


Book your jFIT personal training session (additional charge) by email!