Poetry in a Bottle
A Symphony in Each Glass
Poetry in a Bottle
A Symphony in Each Glass

Wine Dining at the Jagdhof

A World-Class Wine Cellar

Connoisseurs immediately feel at home in the Jagdhof’s wine cellar. The vaults are home to the kind of exquisite oenophile treasures that wine lovers are crazy about. Over the decades, we’ve passionately procured, treasured, sampled and savoured a sophisticated range of exclusive wines that never fails to impress. We’re driven by curiosity and a desire to experience new things, which is how we’ve been able to achieve the variety and exclusivity in our wonderful wine selection. Indeed, the Relais & Châteaux SPA-Hotel Jagdhof houses around 18,000 bottles and features 1,250 different wines! In addition, our wine list gained, among other accolades, the highest honour of three stars in World of Fine Wine magazine’s World’s Best Wine List awards. The Jagdhof wine list has also received excellent reviews from the Falstaff Restaurant Guide – the top rating of 20 out of 20!

Weinkeller SPA Hotel Jagdhof
Weinkeller Albin Mayr SPA Hotel Jagdhof
Albin Mayr

Jagdhof Head Sommelier

Wine List High Spots

‘Connoisseurs are spoilt for choice at the Jagdhof, and we’re particularly proud of the wide range of vintages which we can offer for lesser-known labels as well as many eminent brands. We’re delighted that we can also offer our guests “cult” wines at fair prices.’
Albin Mayr

Here at the Jagdhof, wine is very close to our hearts – and our palates!

Wine Trends

Wines with minerality are in vogue. Delicate, sophisticated wines and rosé in all its guises. The increase in popularity of biodynamic and bioorganic wines is clearly rising, as is the demand for Burgundies and fine drops from the Rhône. Alongside rarities from across the globe, the 5-star SPA-Hotel Jagdhof’s wine list centres around a collection of fine Austrian wines that beautifully complement our excellent, local cuisine – you’ll find around 400 of these on our wine list.

Weinkeller SPA Hotel Jagdhof
Weinkeller SPA Hotel Jagdhof

Finely Selected

Over the decades, we’ve come to know quite a bit about wine, meaning that in our cellar we can find the right drop for pretty much every taste. We can tell you which tipples are perfect for everyday quaffing, which are the best thirst-quenchers for hot summer days, which are good for enjoying on holiday or while you relax after a stressful day, which complement special occasions, and which have cult value or are rarities.

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Whether it’s a rare, young, mature or tried and tested wine – or even something brand new – we’re sure they’ll rouse your curiosity, just as they do ours.

Adventures in Wine

Excitingly Extravagant

Of course, alongside the classics and rarities, our wine list also features extravagant and fashionable drops. The focus is on the almost inexhaustible variety of taste structures and flavours which our guests and wine enthusiasts have come to value highly.

The wines we’d be delighted to bring to you include:

  • Organic wines
  • Low-histamine and histamine-free wines with residual histamine of less than 0.1 mg
  • Vegan wines, free from animal-based ingredients and additives – look for the ‘V’ label
  • Natural wines
  • Orange wines
  • … and much more

If you have an intolerance that would prevent you from having a glass of wine with your meal, or if you have any questions about this, our skilled sommeliers will be glad to advise you.

Our sommeliers will be delighted to present you with both our classics and new additions, and will gladly recommend the best drops to accompany your meal.

Delectable Drops

To be added to our list, a wine needs to meet a number of criteria. The first is when our guests and wine connoisseurs make a specific request. But we also test and taste unfamiliar wines at the Jagdhof to determine whether or not they would complement our existing selection. Many rare wines are also explicitly on our sommeliers’ wish list. As soon as the winemakers we approach can offer us a sufficient allocation, we add them to the Jagdhof wine list, often to the great surprise of our guests.

Join Us for a Chat in the Jagdhof’s Cellar

 Delectable Drops

Fireside Chats

Live music, an open fireplace and a first-class selection of long drinks and cocktails, classic whiskies, exclusive fruit brandies and other distillates, or simply a fine glass of wine … the Relais & Châteaux SPA-Hotel Jagdhof’s legendary fireplace bar has hosted many a sparkling night of bacchanalian merriment – and is a place where lifelong friendships are forged. Come in and enjoy the vibe!

The Pillars of Culinary Enjoyment at the SPA-Hotel Jagdhof